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The challenges of the 21st century, triggered by Climate Change, Natural Hazards (Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, Droughts etc.) or Man-Made Chaos (Terrorism, Armed Conflict, etc.) and the explosive demographic growth and concentration of population in urban environments, expose us to an unprecedented situation characterized by; Migration, Refugees and Involuntary displacement, Poverty and Inequality, and the deterioration of our life quality due to chaotic mobility, environmental pollution, insecurity associated with urban violence, epidemics and emerging pathologies, among other issues. 


At the same time, the generation of knowledge occurs at an unprecedented pace in history. IOT, will allow to duplicate the available knowledge every 12 hours, when around II World War this pace was every 25 years.

How much are we capitalizing this Data & Knowledge for the solution of diverse challenges in our own context ?

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